Pixel-Based Hyperparameter Selection for Feature-Based Image Registration

Florent Brunet, Adrien Bartoli, Nassir Navab, Rémy Malgouyres

International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization, 33-40, November 2010

This paper deals with parametric image registration from point correspondences in deformable environments. In this problem, it is essential to determine correct values for hyperparameters such as the number of control points of the warp, a smoothing parameter weighting a term in the cost function, or an M-estimator threshold. This is usually carried out either manually by a trial-and-error procedure or automatically by optimizing a criterion such as the Cross-Validation score. In this paper, we propose a new criterion that makes use of all the available image photometric information. We use the point correspondences as a training set to determine the warp parameters and the photometric information as a test set to tune the hyperparameters. Our approach is fully robust in the sense that it copes with both erroneous point correspondences and outliers in the images caused by, for instance, occlusions or specularities.

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